Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The perfect family holiday down route 66

Going away on holiday is the perfect remedy for every family who get the opportunity to spend quality time together away from the hectic rigours of daily life. From long hours and sleepless nights looking after a young child to working extensive hours in the workplace to earn a living for themselves and their family, each aspect of being a parent can take its toll. The number of holidays enjoyed every year may come down to finances and the amount of holiday period granted through an employer, but getting away can help a family to expose themselves to many areas of the world and bond as they share many happy memories. Families may choose to travel to another area of the country they live in, but opting to take in the culture and surroundings of another country can be a life-changing experience.

The Las Vegas experience

Las Vegas remains an attractive proposition for any traveller or family, as it is famous for its array of luxurious casinos that light up the night sky and generates considerable levels of tourism as gamblers from all areas of the world come to experience the pinnacle of gambling. Although progressive slots are particularly popular across online casinos, it does not replicate the actual experience of being in America's most popular city. It would be easy to believe that Las Vegas is purely for those who enjoy a flutter in the casino, but the city actually provides a plethora of activities and entertainment that are tailor-made for a wonderful family holiday. Children can enjoy a trip through Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Gamesworks which is far removed from the hectic casino environment. A considerable number of entertainment shows, such as musicals, magic and comedy, are held every day across Las Vegas, with free entry offering enjoyment and laughter for the whole family will enjoy. Families can also partake in a number of thrill-seeking outdoor activities that are ideal for parents to interact and participate with their children, with rides at the Strastosphere Tower, helicopter rides across the Grand Canyon and rafting down the Colorado River to name but a few examples of fun activities to do.

Driving down route 66

Going away on holiday with children carries an extra level of responsibility and care for parents as they remove themselves from the comfort zone of their home area and travel to another area or country. Playing fun, sing-along music can help to create fond memories for the whole family and make a holiday more special. While the majority of holiday packages for families are based upon accomodation in a resort or theme park, route 66 offers a driving alternative that carries steep historical and spiritual value. Spanning nearly 2,500 miles, Route 66 runs throughout the heart of America and is widely recognised as the country's most famous road, with its folklore featuring within popular culture to further emphasise its grandeur appeal. Travelling down Route 66 will allow families to see how America has evolved over nearly 100 years, with remnants of previous existing signposts, structures and now derelict buildings seen along the route. Families can enjoy the traditional qualities of America with a number of gas station, cafes and restaurants available across the route to offer travellers a refreshing drink, bit to eat and gas refill to carry on their way. Many of the buildings along the road have been restored thanks to government intervention, with Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-By in Arizona a particularly popular tourist shop for families to buy souvenirs to remember their experience of route 66.

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