Sunday, 9 March 2014

My favourite nineties fashion...

Isn't it true that apparently everyone tries to recapture their "look" at 21 for the rest of their lives? do you think that's true for you? It possibly is for me, as at the moment I've entering into a period of nineties mania which basically takes the form of having my hair cut into a "Rachel", I'm not going to take a picture right now but I will post one later in the week for sure. When I was a "youf" of 18, everyone was desperate for a Rachel cut, sadly my hair was too fine to make it work and I just ended up looking rather odd. Fast forward 15 years and with the help of my Big Hair Styler and some loyal 12 year old GHDs and I can just about pull it off. Just about.

Why Jen-An chose to stop having her hair cut in the "Rachel" styley I'll never know, in my opinion that was probably what went wrong with Brad.

So I'm going to be writing a bit about nineties style and how to turn it into (erm what do we call this decade?!) nowadays trendiness, so here's a start.

The Mohair Jumper and Kilt Look
For those familiar with the early work of the artists formally known as Friends, this won't be a new one. I fail to see how anyone can look bad in a fluffy jumper and skirt, ok maybe some people would, but since according to my husband I have ridiculously long legs and "no torso" this is a good one for me. Here is a classic example of what I call the "Clueless" fashion. As in the film.
Clueless fashion from Missguided
This particular example is from Missguided, but I know nothing about that shop so I wouldn't like to recommend it. However, a recreated look that is suitable for a 35 year old mother of two is:

ASOS check skirt was £36 now £25

Totally wearable and flattering for all! Pair it with a classic.... tucked in of course.

Soft short sleeved jumper from Matalan, £7
What do you think? Obviously pair with some bargainous £7.99 pumps from my recent post and jobs a good 'un! What else did you like from the nineties? What else can I recreate for an oldie like myself?

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