Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Which Watch?

It's nearly Summer! Which means it's nearly my birthday. Which means it's time to look for presents for moi! There does come a time in every married couple's life when you simply run out of presents to buy one another. Then you have to start going over old ground and re-buying pressies you've already bought! This is what is happening to us, and what better to rebuy than a watch! Yes please!

I've had a look at The Watch Hut as a start and, as is expected, I'm thinking BLING!

I like this Michael Kor watch.
Michael Kor Watch £229
Ooh and I like this one too - this'd go GREAT with a black dress..

Don't you think watches are just PERFECT for a birthday present? Exactly the right price, shiny, potentially blingy and a bit "special", in a good way. I do have a nice watch, a REALLY expensive one but the thing is, it's so expensive that sometimes I think it sort of owns me, rather than vice versa. That's another good reason to get something in the "reasonable" bracket.

What do you think? When is the perfect time to be given a nice watch?

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