Friday, 13 June 2014

My Capsule Wardrobe!

Every Summer I always have the same dilemma - what clothes shall I buy this year? Inevitably I end up stocking up on quantity at H&M and then getting better quality items at Karen Millen and Oasis. This year I was determined to be super organised, and also move out of my comfort zone a bit too, and I decided to buy only five or six items and sort of, mix and match them! Otherwise known as a capsule Wardrobe. Here is what I went for...
Floral Print Dress from Dorothy Perkins, £22
Gingham Jeggings from Topshop, £22{1}~[white]&bi=1&ps=200
White peasant blouse from Dorothy Perkins, £22
Coral Texture Jumper from Dorothy Perkins, £22
So here I have many different looks I can go for! I can:-

- wear the dress on its own
- wear the dress with the jumper making it look like a skirt
- wear the dress with the white blouse, again making it look like a skirt
- wear the jeggings with the white blouse
- wear the jeggings with the jumper

Winner! I also bought a light blue shirt from Gap but I think it hindsight it was a mistake for me - it's not very structured so it sort of hangs off my narrow shoulders, strangely it's not on the Gap website but I do like wearing it over the gingham jeggings, but only tied at the waist over a white tee.

Shoes wise I'm all for buying a couple of new pairs of pumps each year, as even expensive ones get worn out. I like these and they also go perfectly with the items listed above!
H&M Ballet pumps £7.99
What do you think of the idea of a capsule wardrobe?

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