Tuesday, 8 July 2014

100 Day School Uniform Guarantee!

My son seems to get through school uniform like there's no tomorrow. The trousers seem to definitely fare the worst - they go at the knees AND the hem, I am forever chucking them away and buying new ones! Now, it seems totally familiar to see him in his school uniform but I remember his first day at school like it was yesterday.

Look at that shiny new uniform! Compare this to my first day at school with my friend Helen thirty years previously.
My first day at school in 1983

 I remember this day still very clearly. My mum took me and my friend Helen to school on our first day, we were in different classes and actually I was the older by five months. Later we would grow to be exactly the same height - five foot eight, and in fact Helen was one of my bridesmaids many years later. How silly putting four year olds in a tie! But there you are.

There's something definitely special about a "first day at school". I guess it's the end of an era, a big transition between staying at home with mum and venturing into the big wide world.

Anyway, back to uniforms wearing out in two minutes! I buy all my uniforms from George at Asda - they are one of the few uniform providers to make navy blue trousers which wash well and last 100 days! That might sound short but in the life of a school trouser it is very long indeed! In fact, if you have any issue at all with your uniform, Asda have a no quibble guarantee which is really reassuring.

George at Asda Navy Trousers only £3!

Where do you buy your school uniform?

This is a sponsored post although all thoughts are my own.

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