Saturday, 15 November 2014

A few surprises...

This week has been a VERY eventful week, for a variety of reasons. Just recently I haven't had time to do much blogging and have also been devoting my energies to my other blog, Now my children are three and six I feel like I actually have time for myself again - they are happy to play together at Lego or Star Wars games, and to be honest I'm happy to let them , since that's what makes them happy.

So anyway, since I don't like my life to be TOO easy (obviously) and clearly have a distaste for sleep - this is happening...

Yep that's right. I'm having another baby! Due May 2015. It's all been a bit of a shock to the system, but the boys are on
board with it and that's the main thing! Eeeek! After maintaining I would never be crazy enough to have a third child, it appears that actually I will be a mother of three quite soon! We've a lot to think about like moving house, getting bigger cars and the like but of course we're over the moon.

The other thing that happened (and I would like to add, totally unconnected) is that I had the chance to meet deputy prime minister Nick Clegg to discuss teacher workload - which quite franklyhas reached  breaking point. Of course when it came to it I shook his hand mutely and was unable to say much at all! Luckily there were many far more eloquent teachers who spoke very passionately about changes that need to be made. Thank goodness they were there.

My colleague and friend Bess got a selfie and I was seething with envy.

He seemed like a nice man and I've hopes for changes to the demands on teachers in the near future.

What a week! 

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