Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How To Stay Stylish And Warm This Winter

 This winter, you don’t need to make your style decisions into a massive problem. All you have to do is to relax and check your closet for instant style inspirations that can hit you like a speeding sleigh. 

Staying stylish and warm doesn’t have to be tough, all you need are a couple of winter essentials that can keep you heated while looking sizzling hot for the new year.


Layer up!

One way to stay warm during the winter is to layer up. ‘Tis the season to wear heaps of clothes on top of each other to stay warm. There’s no rule on how many layers of clothes you can wear, but try to avoid wearing more than 10 items of clothing unless you want to look like a bloated figure walking down the street. You can rock the bohemian-look by layering a warm fleece shirt, long skirt, and a winter coat. Wearing a long skirt allows you to hide your long johns or warm inner wear!


Hats Make It Hot

Keeping your head warm is important so that you can avoid any headaches that may stem from the cold weather. There are a number of stylish winter hats that can warm up not only your head, but your ears, as well! You can opt for a simple beanie of your choice color, or you can knit one of your own! We recommend getting crazy colors to stand out from the whites and greys of the seasonal wear.


Gotta Have Gloves

The temperature can drop in no time so it’s best if you always keep a pair of warming gloves in your bag. Choose the type of gloves depending on the weather condition of the day. If the temperature is tolerable, a nice soft pair of gloves can be easily a part of your winter get-up. If you’re walking through a snowstorm, it’s best if you buy a thicker pair of gloves. There are gloves that are made from weatherproof materials that can withstand all types of weather and can keep you warm while still being in style.


Heat it Up!

Fleece is the best and cheapest way to stay warm this winter season. The material tends to catch the body warm that you emit and uses it to heat your body again, maintaining a nice balance of warmth and comfort. Popular sweaters and jackets are usually made from fleece, some even includes an extra fleece lining that can be detached so that you can re-use the jacket once the winter season is over. You can also purchase coat heaters that run on internal batteries. These portable heats can keep you warm even when your sweater can’t.


Anti-Shiver Shoes

Avoid getting hypothermia by buying the right pair of winter boots. There are a number of designs available that can tickle your fancy. You can go with traditional designs or go for a modern approach. Some shoes are also lined with fleece, maintaining the perfect balance of warm and comfort for your tired feet.


One way to stay warm this winter is to just stay at home and shop for clothes online. You can have these items delivered directly to you and you won’t have to worry about the Christmas rush and traffic!

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