Sunday, 15 March 2015

Post Pregnancy Fashion Buys!

I've now totally given up on buying any maternity clothes (only 9 weeks to go!) and am planning my post pregnancy wardrobe, to give me something to aim towards! Last time I had a baby, it took about 6 months to get into my normal clothes, which I know isn't bad, but any clothes I bought in the first 6 months went to waste, so I'm keen not to make that mistake this time.

I've already spotted some lovely bits in All Saints - their clothes are pretty expensive considering the thin material, but the cut is great and they also do really good sales, so I've picked these two bits out in advance...

All Saints Relian Dress £78
I really like this All Saints Relian Dress for Spring/Summer - it's light and comfortable as well as having a nice twist down the seam to make it look stylish. Nice, not sure about accessibility for breast feeding though.

All Saints Rivieria Stripe Dress £98
 I LOVE this All Saints Rivieria Stripe Dress, I love the differing lengths and think it looks really "different! and wearable at the same time, though I'm yet to work out what shoes I would wear with it. I don't think I'd pay any way near £98 for it but I'm keeping my eye out for it in the sale in mid Summer. There are lots of other Riviera dresses in different materials and colours if stripes isn't your thing. Love this!

I'm a bit of a Baukjen fan (and Isabella Oliver maternity stuff too) but not too keen on their longer length tops, as someone who is all legs and no body it makes me look a bit bottom heavy. But for those of us with narrow shoulders, this Ashby off the shoulder top is great at balancing things out - it reminds me of a few slash neck tops I bought in Warehouse many many years ago that I lived in (and sadly had to bin because they were worn out). At £59 it's not the cheapest but there are plenty of offer codes for Baukjen if you look around, though I'm not sure this one will go into the Summer sale.

Baukjen off the shoulder top £59

Speaking of Baukjen, and getting back to my point about breastfeeding, I think this wrap dress is great, and good value in the outlet store as well at £49. Comes in grey, black and dark pink.

Baukjen wrap dress £49
I'm a little bit in love with this dress,  but would I wear it for hanging around the house which realistically I am going to be doing for at least the next 6 months? Probably not.

Have you spotted any clothes that would work well post baby and for breastfeeding?

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