Friday, 15 May 2015

Easy Peasy Joules Dress and Lovely Oasis Culottes!

So I only have two days until my due date. Woohoo! So obviously I can't wait to get rid of my hideous maternity clothes and get back into my normal wardrobe. My old clothes look so TINY, especially my skinny jeans. It's hard to believe that I once managed to get into them to be honest. We've recently moved house and bizarrely now have LESS storage space even though we've moved to a bigger house. So I keep telling myself I have no room for more clothes, though it is tempting to treat myself to something new post baby.

I spotted these little lovelies in Joules the other day, and managed to negotiate a 15% discount at the til, so what the hey. What do you think? (click on the caption under each photo to take you to the website!)

Joules Striped Dress £29.95
I bought this colour in the end but was also tempted by the pink and the blue.

Joules Blue Dress £29.95

Joules Pink Dress £29.95
I think these will be great throw on dresses for Summer,  for wearing around the house or dressing up with a silk scarf or accessories. I've got some Joules pumps that I think would go well with them also. But do I need all three?

Speaking of footwear, I bought these very sparkly sandals in George the other day, and I'm really pleased with them. Super cheap and super comfy also. Winner!

George Footbed Sandals, Gold, £10
I've also noticed there are various other flootbed sandals including some polka dot ones that might actually go better with these dresses. Nice!

If you're looking for something a bit more fitted and less sack like (my mum did mention that these dresses have a slightly "nightie" type appearance) then this might be for you. I keep seeing culottes everywhere and I think these are my favourites so far!

Oasis Culotte £28.50
There's actually a photo on the Oasis website of the model wearing them with this pink top, I think it's a great pairing.

Pink Plain Dip Back Cami £22
Here you can see both items together, I LOVE this outfit. I'm not acutally sure it's the same vest but I reckon any pink will do.

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