Friday, 26 June 2015

MooGoo Review!

I've always been one for natural products and am obsessed with parabens - or lack thereof! I'm super keen to ensure that everything I use on my skin is as natural as possible, and of course that goes for my children's skin too! I was therefore, delighted when the lovely people at MooGoo asked if I would like to do another review (see my last review here) of some of their new skincare products - including their Udder Balm( for breastfeeding mums), Nappy Balm, Brown Cow Tanning Cream and the Dusty Girls tinted earth cream. Lucky me!

First of all the Udder Balm (£9.90)  this is made from edible materials so there's no hassles putting it on your skin to help soothe those "areas" mauled by babies! I liked the feel and thickness of this and found it very soothing indeed. There were tiny grains in it which were a bit different but I assume are all part of the process. I think I would have liked to see some sort of recommendation from a medical body or midwives association on the packaging though just to totally reassure me it's ok to use whilst breastfeeding?

The Nappy Balm (£9) is lovely and very soothing, unlike high street creams it contains natural materials which are good for the skin - the ingredients are also not harmful if ingested, as we all know that babies love to put everything and anything in their mouths! The true test though is does this balm prevent nappy rash? It definitely created an effective barrier and stopped redness on my baby's skin. So a double win! t doesn't have the potent smell that a lot of other nappy creams contain which can only be a good thing. I would say it doesn't work quite as quickly as something like Sudocrem but then it also doesn't contain the same chemicals so that's to be expected!

Onto the Brown Cow Tanning Cream (£15.50)- I look like a ghost at the best of times so I do like to tan every now and again. As a breastfeeding mum I have to be careful what goes on my skin as my baby is in very close contact with me and she is prone to rashes. I found this tanning cream very gentle and natural looking, and best of all it didn't have that weird smell that so many tanning creams seem to have. Very happy with this and again, close the fact is contains natural ingredients. 

The Dusty Girls Tinted Earth Cream is probably the one I've used the most! 

At first I thought it was going to be both too dark and too thick for me, even though it's actually a tinted moisturiser. But actually I was just using it wrong. You have to use a really tiny amount as this spreads really well on your skin, and creates great coverage too - AND contains sun protection. It's great on hot days too as it doesn't feel cloggy and left a light feeling on my skin. I had to blend quite a bit at my jaw line but that's mainly because I'm very very pale and so that's normal for me. It's available in two shades - light or medium. I would love to see an even lighter shade for ghosties like me if possible though.

So I'm a little obsessed with MooGoo! Natural products that look great and are good for your skin. What's not to like?!

I was sent these products from MooGoo for the purpose of review, but all thoughts are my own.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Online bingo basics for newbies

When it comes to playing any game, be it online or in real, there are certain basics of the game that as a player you need to know. Only then will you be confident with what you are doing. Online bingo is a very easy game to pick up but since this game involves money there are certain precautions one must take.
Few of the most important features that you must look into while choosing a site to play on is whether or not they have a reliable customer support team that is both efficient and friendly. This makes a huge difference especially when you are new to a site. There will be hundreds of offers and you may not know how to make use of them or where to look, these questions and doubts can only be cleared with the help of the customer support team. However, in most sites there also are experienced players and chat hosts that are available to answer your queries as well.  
Try to gather as much information and reviews as you possibly can before registering. The internet has a billion review sites and portals providing you with all the bingo related information that you need, so make use of it to the fullest.


The best way for a player to familiarize themselves with online bingo is by beginning to play on sites that offer free bingo games. The only reason why these sites aren’t too popular is because there isn’t any big prizes that you can win. 

However, if you choose to play on a site that provides free sign up bonuses and cheap bingo tickets, it will be the most ideal. New Look Bingo offers all newbies a free sign up bonus of £15 plus bingo room to which the tickets are as cheap as 1p. So come, join the fun!

This is a guest post.


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