Friday, 7 August 2015

No more shampoo...

I don't know what's wrong with my hair. In the past year or so it's become really pathetic. It ranges between super dry and fly away to super oily and horrible feeling. I don't know how to get it to behave! I have to dry it to within an inch of its life, or else it looks like I've just got out of the swimming pool - all day! I started to do some research about what hair products I needed to actually make my hair look decent again, or at least half decent again. It never shines, it just looks sad and dull. I actually found out something really interesting. It's possible that whilst applying lots of hair masks, deep intensive conditioners and the like, I've actually been conspiring against my own hair and making it worse! What I actually needed to do was STOP with all the products and chemicals and let my hair sort of, roam free again. So that's what I decided to do. If you google about this subject, you'll find a wealth of info about the chemicals shampoo contains and how bad it is for you in lots of different ways. But I find that sort of scary and boring so I won't write about it here, this is more about getting my hair to look as good as possible. Vain? Yes.

I actually found out that it's possible to just use water on your hair, and eventually it rejuvenates and sort of self washes, but I wasn't prepared to do the leg work for this, so I opted for another method.

Baking Soda! Or more accurately, bicarbonate of soda. I mixed a teaspoonful in some warm water and then poured it over my head. Note to self, use warmer water next time. It was sort of weird massaging it into my scalp but I figured that since it has no foaming qualities that's to be expected. Afterwards, I cracked an egg in a cup, whisked it then applied that to my hair and let it "set" for a minute. I was unsure how the egg would react to being washed out with hot water, but I actually found that you need to get the water quite hot to get everything out. As soon as I got out of the shower, my hair felt SO much thicker already, in a sort of tangled out and rough way. It felt weirdly dry, but that's probably because I'm so used to how smooth (superficially of course) conditioner makes my hair feel. Ragging a comb through it was NOT fun, but I tried to be as gently as possible so as not to damage my hair. What struck me as well was how quickly my hair started to dry compared to normal. Some people talk about letting your hair dry naturally but I am yet to try that, one step at a time. I used my Big Hair Styler to dry my hair in sections and the result was immediate! It was HUGE! My usually limp, thin hair suddenly felt thick and lustrous. AND shiny. Very confusing. When I came out of the shower it felt awful, then on drying looked amazing!

The next morning my hair was NOT greasy like normal, I simply brushed it from root to tip to ensure the natural oils were spread through to the ends of the hair. It didn't feel as "light" as normal and I kept feeling the urge to wash it again, but I resisted as it actually looked really nice, even though it felt a bit "icky". The following day I repeated using the bicarb of soda followed by an egg. I was worried it might smell so I got hubby to have a good sniff. He said it smelt a bit "cakey" - which can't be a terrible thing right?

I did read online that cider vinegar is also good for applying to hair after using bicarb of soda, to sort of balance out alkali with acid. I diluted this with warm water but my hair didn't feel as thick as when I'd used the egg, but I've only tried that once so maybe I need to give it another go.

I felt really hot this morning and fel an urgent need to wash my hair so I used a shampoo bar that my mum kindly bought me from Lush. Straight away I was struck by the smell - it smelt so chemical -ly and unnatural and lathered up into huge bubbles, which I always think is a bad sign. Afterwards my hair was dry and limp again! Gah,what an error!

The other weird thing about using the bicarb and egg is how much easy it was to make my hair "sit" where I wanted it to - e.g. it behaved itself much more than before, I assume because the egg coated it in protein. Usually my hair kicks out on the right side, but after using the egg it curled under nicely like it is supposed to. Hair slides also stayed in place properly rather than slipping out of my hair like they normally do.

An interesting experiment so far - and I will get some photos next week so you can see for yourself!

What other natural products have you used either on yourself or around the house? Any tips?

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