Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Free Your Mind!

Recently we took the decision to get rid of one of our cars, taking us down to a one car family. The decision to do this wasn't really financial, it was more us not being able to make a decision about what we wanted to do. I had a Fiesta on a lease deal and when the deal was up we either had to buy the car and hand it back. In the end we ran out of time and so simply handed the car back and haven't got around to getting another one yet! With three children it's difficult to know what's best to do, so we've just done nothing! The one car thing is actually fine and to be honest, I feel quite "free" not having to maintain and pay for two cars. It's sort of liberating not being "owned" by something that's actually quite demanding - I had to keep it clean and was continuously having to put petrol in (imagine that!). Funny how you think you own something, but actually it ends up owning you.

When we moved house a few months ago, in the same way, it felt really cathartic to get rid of so much JUNK. A lot of it I sold to people in the local area of gave to charity. But one thing we still have masses left of are our books and CDs. Now that we both have kindles, we rarely buy books anymore. Part of me is sad about that - I remember reading books of my parents as a teenager, books that I otherwise would never have heard of and it has stood me in good stead. Stuff like the Brontes and Jane Austin, who are still my favourite authors today. But the fact is that we just don't have the room for a load of books anymore, and I can't stand the smell! My husband has a LOT of sports related biographies and they all seem to be hard back, they are HUGE and take up so much room. At the moment all our books are still in boxes in the garage, which is where I think they will probably remain.

CDs as well, since we met in our late twenties and were both teenages in the 90s, we have many many CDs, a lot of which are duplicate. Back in those days, CDs were pretty expensive, often £15 each (hard to believe now) so I'm a bit loathe to just give these away. We have thousands of pounds worth of CDs, but once I've downloaded them all onto iTunes (which one day I WILL do), I'm not really sure what I will do with them all? I did see an advert on TV though for something that I may give a try, a website called Ziffit. The idea is that you scan all your unwanted books and CDs using an app to get an instant price, then put them all into one large box ready to be collected by a courier. Ziffit then transfer the money into your PayPal account - easy eh! As a busy mum I particularly like the idea of things being collected from my house = little effort on my part!

So get rid of your stuff, declutter, feel freer and earn money!

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