Sunday, 6 December 2015

DC Super Hero Girls

When I was a little girl, there were precious few girl heroes in cartoons. Even the ones who were pretty awesome also had to be beautiful, which basically means not only do you have to look amazing, but it helps if you are super strong and have super powers as well. I'm not sure many girls identified with them - the likes of She-ra never really took off. Basically, the Spice Girls were pretty much my first introduction to girl power, how bad is that?

This time around, if your kids are looking for action-packed girl power, look no further than DC Super Hero Girls. DC Entertainment’s latest animated series, features a dynamic group of Super Heroes on their journey of discovering the power of their unique abilities and friendships. What I love is how dynamic the characters are, from strong and fearless to edgy and fun; there is a character for everyone, this is really important for girls who need to see that female characters are sort of real people as well as being amazing.

Like a lot of children these days, my two sons are pretty obsessed by YouTube, although I'm keen for them to identify with good role models. It's good news to me therefore, that the DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel makes it easy for kids to watch their favourite characters, on-demand, and from any device. Click here for their YouTube channel.

For even more fun for your kids, there is an extended online experience on the website where kids can play games, download free printable activities, and more.

AND if that wasn't already a LOT of good stuff, you can also enter a giveaway to enter a £100 gift card, what's not to like?


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