Sunday, 21 February 2016

Stripes, jeans and anchors!

I have been trying desperately NOT to spend money recently, which partly explains my lack of posting recently, but having had a bit of time this afternoon to browse the Spring/Summer offerings of my fav shops, I thought it would be churlish not to share! My first spot though, is more of an Autumn thing, and a great bargain in the Baukjen sale (especially tonight as they have an extra 20% off) - The Alyth Striped Skirt is a bit different and made of a thick jersey fabric so won't show your lumps and bumps.

Alyth Skirt from Baukjen - £54
Moving on, I am ALWAYS on the look out for dark indigo jeans - but am struggling with sizing at the moment post baby. I am pretty excited about this new, really dark style from Oasis at £32, hopefully they will have enough stretch in them.

Clean Rinse Wash Jeans £32 from Oasis

Whenever I buy anything, I always like to look for something to go with it, just to make sure...I spotted this lovely embroidered anchor t shirt and think it would be great for Spring/Summer - Oasis do great casual stuff and this is defo one for my wish list.

Embroidered anchor t shirt from Oasis - £25

Speaking of nautical themed clothes - I love the neckline on this Nautical SS Knit Top - having quite narrow shoulders I am always looking for ways to widen them. Great with jeans or a denim skirt. I LOVE this one!
Sailor Knitted Top from Oasis - £35
All I need now is something to go with the stripy skirt!


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