Monday, 4 April 2016

Bathroom Design Ideas

It's difficult to believe that it's almost one year ago to the day that we moved house. With a third child on the way we needed a four bedroomed house with a study - since I work from home. I was sick and tired of moving my laptop and stuff off our dining table, so move we must. The whole process was actually quite straight forward, and we were lucky in that the people we were buying from, and our buyers, were genuinely nice people who just wanted to do things the right way. With around four weeks to go we moved on the 10th April last year, and swiftly called in a decorator, carpet people, and kitchen fitter. Within four weeks we had completely redecorated the house, had a new kitchen fitted and had all new carpets and flooring. You can see our kitchen makeover here.

Now things have settled down a bit, and our baby girl is not so tiny anymore, I'm already getting itchy feet about what we can do next. If we had the money, I think I would extend so the boys have a playroom - mainly so we can get away from them. But the other thing I think we need to sort out, are the bathrooms. There are lots of bathroom design websites, but for me what I want is something REALLY luxurious, with two sinks, walk in shower and large free standing baths - I have none of  those things at the moment.This is our en suite as things stand. Don't get be wrong, there's nothing awful about it, it's just the size.

Whereas what I want is something more like this...

House Renovation, Mexico. Bathroom : Modern bathroom by Inspiria Interiors

Ice White House-Luxury home : Minimalist bathroom by Quirke McNamara

But I guess in the space available something like this would be more realistic...

Water Jet Mosaics in Various China Projects : Modern bathroom by ShellShock Designs

Thing is, once you start making changes - where does it end? We have a swirly pattern on our ceilings which needs sorting, the internal doors need replacing, the garage door is a bit rusty - so many things, so little time and money. But the thing is, as a family we spend SO much time at home - we want it to be the best it can be. Also, realistically, money spent on your home is the best investment ever - and even if it isn't, we work hard, don't we all deserve a little luxury?

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