Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter Sales!

It almost seems like there's no real point in buying clothes at the moment - my life seems to be a constant round of washing clothes that have smeary finger prints on. But I have discovered a new thing - sponging! Yes, it's perfectly acceptable to simply sponge off any unwanted bits of weetabix and food stuffs - brilliant! Also I am trying to train the rest of my family in the art of clothing inspection - when you get ready to go to bed each night, don't simply assume that your clothes need washing. They may not! There's this thing called putting your clothes away and wearing them again the next time - it'll be fine, trust me...

However, I did manage a sneaky trip into Harrogate on Wednesday and managed to pick up some surprising bargains. I've not been a massive fan of Crew Clothing of late, I think it can be the sort of shop where things look good before they've been washed, then end up like limp rags. However I spotted this sailor type top the other day, and I have to say it looks amazing - great with jeans and quite "structured" which means it doesn't end up looking like it's hanging off my shoulders. The square neck line is also great for me as I have quite narrow shoulders - here it is, the Crew Olivia Top £20.
Crew Olivia Top £20
Although the 10 fitted fine, I am trying to go for comfort over style a bit at the moment, so I got the 12 so there was a bit of give when I sit down. I must be getting old.

Who knew that Harrogate has a Whistles! Yes, in fact it has an LK Bennett, Jigsaw, Joules, Space NK amongst many others - though every one of those "posh" shops was deserted although H & M was packed out. Seems that posh people love bargains too. Anyway, I took advantage of the lack of customers to have a good root around in the Whistles sale, and came across the holy grail - high quality black skinny jeans in my size for - £28.50! I am wearing them now, they are beautiful. There aren't many sizes left online, and they also look better in real life - less of a grey tinge and more opaque. Whistles Black skinny jeans £28.50.
Whistles Black Skinny Jeans £28.50

I am still massively obsessed with Baukjen and have been waiting patiently for these bad boy foldover leggings to go into the sale - alas they have eluded me. The blue marl colour has been reduced from £55 to £38 which is tempting, but I can't help but think that blue wouldn't be very slimming, which kind of means that the whole foldover concept is a bit lost in translation. I know what I mean. Foldover Leggings £55.

I talked earlier about H & M and I was able to complete my annual trip there to get some ballet pumps for Summer. Since I have enormous feet, I have to get in there early to make sure these don't sell out - which they always do. However this year, I have found them a bit smaller than other years. Maybe my mammoth feet have grown yet again?!

I bought mole and black in 7.5 as that seemed to be the biggest size in store - however now I look at the website I can see they are also available in a size 8? Maybe that's where I'm going wrong. Anyway, I will keep shoving my enormous feet into them until they "give" a bit. H&M Ballet Pumps £7.99.

I am on the look out for some really comfy and warm pyjamas - since I spend so much time in them. If anyone spots any - please let me know!

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