Monday, 26 September 2016

Holiday Rememberings

It's now a month since we came back from our holiday in Normandy and to be honest, I'm home sick for France! The food is incredible - it starts with baguette and croissants at breakfast time, followed by a lazy lunch in the sun, numerous coffees and then the inexhaustible supply of moules frites in the evening. Kir royale with dessert... what an amazing holiday. We were lucky enough to be staying on the beach front in a small town called St Aubin, we've never stayed anywhere before that wasn't in the middle of nowhere, so it was wonderful to be able to walk to cafes, boulangeries and restaurants as well as along the five mile promenade. Swimming in the sea, walking on D Day beaches, using metal detectors to hunt for war memororabilia (not my idea of fun) that kind of thing. Ah, it's no wonder I'm home sick for France.

But before we set off on the long drive, we were lucky enough to receive a fabulous kids suitcase from the guys at icarhirecarinsurance, something to make our journey just a little bit less stressful, and a bit more fun.

Fun suitcase with lots of fun things inside
Fun toys!

Inside the suitcase was a kids game, bubbles, a camera, travel pillow, fun game pack and more!

Car bingo
I loved this fun game for the car, what a great idea! And definitely helped pass the time during the SIX HOUR journey down to Portsmouth. Man that took a while.

Cute tag
Really cut was this tag attached to the case, we'll keep this for ages and use on future cases.

It's a great idea having a travel pack like this for journeys, it literally only feels like five minutes until the kids start claiming they're bored - with five hours to go, it can feel like a LONG time.

The port

Mont St Michel
This was one of the first things we saw in France - what an amazing view it was. And facing it zillions of amazing restaurants all selling oysters for peanuts. Heaven.

D Day findings
Of course all the boys wanted to know about was the D Day stuff. Part of me liked the fact they were interested in history. Part of me was in despair at their obsession with war.

Beach running
Baby girl spent the whole holiday trying to run into the sea. She took exception to being told she couldn't and every time we restrained her from running headlong into huge waves, she acted like we were the most terrible parents ever and had a huge melt down. Fun!

Fun breach times
But the best thing is that we finally had a bit of chance to relax. Ish. We sat down occasionally and got full nights sleep each night. with three young kids that's as good as it gets. But the food, I will never forget the food... France I want to see you again soon!

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