Friday, 9 September 2016

Review - Anchor Inn, Gargrave

We love eating out as a family, and it's one of the few things we do REALLY well. I'm a believer in eating together as a family and MAKING those children talk to us - even if they really don't want to! So I was delighted to be invited to try out the new menu at The Anchor Inn, Brewers Fayre in Gargrave last weekend. 

The pub itself is very warm and welcoming, it's quite nostalgic in the sense that it reminded me of eating out with my own parents as a child, which is no bad thing. The pub itself actually has a soft play area which our children raced over to as soon as we got there, there was no charge for this, it was just part of the pub. The kids menu was spot on for our three young 'uns, and we ordered bangers and mash for our 5 year old, cod tastic for our 8 year old, and spaghetti for our 1 year old. I thought value for money was excellent, and drinks, although an extra charge, are refillable as many times as you like which is ideal when your children drink everything in about thirty seconds like ours seem to do.

The adult menu is typical pub fayre and I thought very good value for money. Best of all, if you order two glasses of wine, you get the rest of the bottle free! So that's what we did. Though I would like to add that as this was a lunchtime, we took most of the bottle home.

The wine was amazing! And so much better than I was expecting. Were it not for the children I could very easily have drunk more than one glass for sure.

The kids food arrived very quickly and was enjoyed by all, especially our 1 year old. We've been to a
few restaurants recently that try to do fancy things for children and it never words. Just keep it simple I say.

Banger and mash.

We ordered steaks as I like to order things that I know are going to be cooked fresh. They could perhaps have done with being on a hotter griddle, but the taste was lovely, and very good value too.

Delicious steak!
Now for desserts, now these were really special. Our kids LOVED them!

Brownies and strawberries with chocolate dip - yum!

Make your own face!

Ice cream sundae
All in all I thought it was a great place for a family meal on a cold and rainy Saturday. Value for money wise, five meals, five drinks and a bottle of wine came in at around £50 which is amazing in terms of what we received. One thing I  haven't mentioned was the service - the staff at the Anchor Inn were lovely and couldn't do enough for us, they were polite and welcoming and also speedy - very important when you have young children. They were obviously well used to families and totally understood the whole process of eating out with small children. Definitely deserving of a mention.

I will definitely be going again!

I received a £50 voucher in order to pay for our meal, but all thoughts are my own.


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