Thursday, 28 September 2017

Welsh Gifts from Brinley Williams

Living with three Wales rugby fans has its bonuses - alcohol on big match days for example, but you can't be a real fan without the kit can you? We've got various t shirts, kids, outfits etc, but the boys complain they are sweaty and uncomfortable. Therefore, I was pretty happy to receive two lovely personalised Wales Rugby T shirts from They are really cosy and comfortable, and best of all I was able to get them personalised with the boys' names - kudos to me!

Not only that, there are loads of other cute Welsh gifts on site - I particularly like these.

A Fish called Rhondda Welsh Film Poster

Bridge over the River Wye Welsh Film Poster
Anyone can Cuddle Ladies T shirt

Very cute! If like me, you struggle to know what fun gifts to buy for your family - and they happen to be Welsh, then I really recommend Brinley Williams - just takes the thinking out of it! I actually really like the back story of how Brinley Williams came to be - you can read about it here. It really is a story of triumph over adversity and I love supporting cottage industries that are borne out of a real passion for doing something really well. Definitely one to look into!

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