Monday, 12 February 2018

Affordable Decorating Ideas

When you are working with a limited budget, keeping your home looking nice can be challenging. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to redecorate without having to spend a fortune. Here are some of my favorite low-cost home d├ęcor ideas.

Canvas Prints

Firms like make it easy to turn your photos into unique works of art to hang on your walls. There is a range of style options, so it is really easy to create the perfect picture for your living room without having to spend a fortune.

Save your spare paint

When you repaint a room, keep any paint that you have leftover. There are lots of ways you can use it up. 

To start with, it is handy for touching up knocks, dings and painting out scuff marks. Sometimes it can be used so that you can put off re-decorating for a few more months. Or, you can use it to create an interesting mural in another room. You do not necessarily have to be very artistic to be able to do this. Stenciling is an approach that works well even for people who cannot draw or paint free-hand. You can download some great free ones here, all you need to do is to print them out and follow the instructions.
Join a local recycling co-operative
If the paint you have leftover is white, you can easily use a specialist dye to turn it the color you want. In some areas, recycling centers collect leftover paint and give it away for free. 

These re-cycling co-operatives can be an excellent source of all kinds of free decorating materials. Many have wood, tiles, grout, cement and other items available. All of which you can potentially put to use. Often, they have carpet cut-offs that can be used as flooring for a small space like a hallway. It is even possible to pick up leftover rolls of wallpaper. You are unlikely to pick up enough to redecorate a whole room, but you can often find enough to decorate a single wall to add a little more interest to a room.

Use second-hand furniture

Second-hand furniture is really easy to find. With a bit of time and care, it is surprisingly easy to give them a makeover and turn them into something that looks fresh and modern. It is not hard to change the look of all kinds of items simply by removing or adding trim. You can easily recover items like dining chairs and rub them down, so they can be re-stained or re-painted.

Use your craft skills

If you enjoy making things learning a few crafts is an excellent idea. It is fun to do and once you get good you can easily make decorative items for your home and those of your friends. Potentially, you can make wall-hangings, ornaments, and soft-furnishing items.

Buy second hand equipment

When you need a tool or piece of equipment to carry out a decorating task see if you can borrow it or buy something second-hand. You will save a surprising amount of money by doing this. 

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