Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Fashion Fun with Fashion World

I've had a bit of a personal makeover in the past five months and have shed a stone in weight - mostly done in an effort to clean my act up and just feel better generally. The old issue of heartburn has gradually been creeping up on me and it's always due to the same factors - bad diet and stress. Stress is something I am naturally at pains to avoid, so I've joined a local boot camp that I go to fanatically twice a week, as well as following Slimming World diet plans. I am naturally too tight to actually join Slimming World and pay. Also the fact that I am already a size 10 with a healthy BMI - seems a bit of an insult. But anyway, the diet and exercise are making me feel much better, and I've lost a bit of chunk in the process so all good! Anyway, where I'm getting to, is that with this weight loss I have naturally had to invest in some new clothes in my new size - and I jumped at the chance of reviewing some clothes kindly gifted to me by Fashion World - most of their clothes are for plus sizes, but I was able to find a good choice in a size 10, and I was very pleased with the result!

I chose this lovely Soft Tencel Dress (£35) and (forgive the little stain?!) it's just perfect for summer! Nice and loose in case you want a large BBQ, but can be belted in too for "skinny" days. Perfecto.

Soft Tencel Dress from Fashion World £35
Forgive my large and very hideous feet in the shot. It was difficult to get one without my tired face in it.

I was also gifted a swimming costume from Fashion World's swimwear collection which is just PERFECT for mums with a tum. I've been foolish enough recently to opt for swim wear one size too big so it doesn't "cut" into the skin. What I didn't consider is that swimwear needs to be tight for a reason...otherwise it can slip off... I won't include an image of me wearing the swimsuit as it may scare people. But suffice to say I love it.

Fashion World Tummy Tuck Swimsuit £32

I was also gifted a Crinkle Bardot Playsuit. I'm still a bit undecided about playsuits as they can be a pain to get off in public toilets when you've a toddler rolling round the floor in other people's discarded toilet roll. But I think this one will be perfect for beachwear and holidays.

Crinkle Bardot Playsuit £29

Now my shoulders are a bit more sinewy and less round and cuddly I am very much looking forward to baring them when and if the weather ever picks up. Or I could wear this over a polo neck with some tights - what do you think?

All in all I was over the moon with my gifts and intend to wear them during my upcoming holiday.

These items were gifted to me to enable me to complete this review, but all thoughts are my own.


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