Thursday, 9 August 2018

What's Your Side Gig?

I'll be honest, one of the reasons I started blogging, aside from the fact that I love writing and wanted to document my family's life by oversharing, is because I wanted to earn some extra money on the "side". A few years into blogging, it lead to job opportunities and friendships that wouldn't have previously been possible. I have now had a total change of career, away from teaching, and specialise in marketing to the education technology sector. How things change eh (sort of)?

Anyway, what this blog post is about, is to give you ideas for ways that you too can earn money on the "side", call it your "side gig" if you will. And hopefully gain new skills, learn new things etc too!

- Think about what you're good, what your passions are - if it's something you really love you are more likely to stick at it.
- What can you make? Are you a budding crafter? Can you make hair clips, or broaches, or door signs for new babies? Anything you can make you can sell at local craft markets for a profit!
- Start a blog! If you get enough traffic you can earn money from google adverts, I don't bother as I simply don't get enough traffic and it's an extra hassle I can do without, but if you're savvy, there are definitely ways to make this happen.
- Tutoring, either online or in person is a good bet if you've a background in teaching, and can definitely only be done in the evening after work. Rates start from £20 an hour.
- Can you design, if you can then learn how to use photoshop, hone your skills and start designing! People always need logos, website headers, facebook cover photos and the like. And it's fun too!
- Freelance! Do what you do in your day job but on the side in the evening and weekends - be open with your employer about it of course, the last thing you want to do is get in trouble at work and ruin any potential opportunities there.
- Manage social media accounts - this isn't actually as easy as it seems, but there are ways to learn, and offering to do it for a friend's business for free is a great way to learn. There are lots of websites and blogs that can help you along the way, as long as friendly and helpful facebook groups.
- Or how about earning money with internet betting? Obviously set your limits and be careful.

Some ideas for you! What's your side gig and did it work out for you?


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