Friday, 14 September 2018

Saving Money Tips for Autumn

When I first started this blog, many years ago, I was very interested in finding out ways we could save money. It always seemed that we didn't have a lot to show for our joint income, and I wanted to be proactive about changing that. As time progressed, partly due to this blog, we found ourselves in a much better financial position, and although we are not by any means rich, we are certainly a lot more comfortably off than 5 or so years ago. I must admit I'm not quite so hot on money saving these days, since it does take a bit of research and time, but with a recent trip to Florida and some house renovations, it definitely wouldn't hurt to be a little more careful in the run up to Christmas. Here are my top tips - this is more for myself! 

1) Take advantage of 'hot deals' websites  - these are a great place to find discount codes and various other offers, I never buy anything without a code!
2) Look at your direct debits - is there anything going out you don't make use of, or need anymore? For example Amazon Prime or your Sky/Cable subscription? These can easily creep up if you don't keep an eye on them.
3) Sell anything you don't need! I always declutter in the run up to Christmas to make room for more plastic tat, I mean lovely presents, so why not make a few pounds in the process?
4) Shop around. I personally support local business where I can, even if it means paying a bit more. But if that's not possible, then definitely do a bit of research before purchasing - it definitely pays off.
5) If you need to make a bigger purchase, look for 0% payment deals (unless you are about to take out a new mortgage or something in which case you probably wouldn't want to take on extra credit!).
6) Certain things I always buy second hand - football boots and wellies are prime examples. They get trashed pretty much instantly anyway, so where's the harm?
7) Look at things like energy providers -  use compare websites to see if you can get cheaper deals.
8) Investigate current accounts that have cash back and/or other benefits - they can make a big difference.

What are your top saving money tips? 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Fashionable Hi-Vis Workwear

Fashionable Hi-Vis Workwear
Hi-vis workwear is essential to many industries and occupations from the police to cleaner's and people from all walks of life might need to don some hi-vis workwear as part of their job. Hi-vis workwear is celebrated for many reasons, after all, it does a very important job, however, while that might be the case it can't really be denied that hi-vis workwear is not overly fashionable. In fact, some people could argue that fashion goes against what hi-vis workwear is even trying to achieve. It's meant to ensure you are easily visible after all, which is why you will often see hi-vis clothing in very bright and garish colours. But can you get hi-vis workwear that is also fashionable? Well yes you can, although it can't be denied it is a little harder to find in some cases. So let's look beyond the traditional pieces like the thick yellow jackets and hi-vis vests for something a bit more fashionable when it comes to hi vis workwear shall we?
Hi-Vis Polo Shirts If you're looking for something a little more professional and fashionable than a hi-vis jacket or vest but still need that all-important visibility for work then a hi-vis polo shirt is just what you need. The classic polo shirt design and shape has been recaptured and remade with high-quality hi-vis materials. Numerous different brands and manufacturers offer hi-vis polo shirts and they are available in a variety of colours including the classic hi-vis yellow and orange. They are also available in darker colours like blue that still have that all-important extra visibility needed from hi-vis clothing but without being so outlandish. A darker coloured hi-vis polo shirt would make a very smart piece of workwear and would also look very fashionable. Best of all, men and women can both make use of a hi-vis polo in their workplace wardrobes and they are available in both long and short sleeve designs. So, if you're looking for more fashionable hi-vis workwear I strongly recommend checking out the selection of hi-vis polo shirts available.
Two Tone Shirts The hi-vis fashion doesn't just stop with smart polo shirts another great way to make your hi-vis workwear more fashionable is to mix and match with two-tone shirts. Two-tone shirts come in a variety of styles including basic T-shirts and polos but offer a more unusual and eye-catching array of colours. Two-tone shirts have one colour on the lower half of the shirt and another at the top, it's a simple design and pattern but one that works very well. You see it used often enough in more casual clothes and it works brilliantly with hi-vis clothing as well. Mixing dark and bright colours like the classic hi-vis orange or yellow with darker blues might not sound fashionable but it creates a very stylish contrast that actually works very well. And that's just one example of the two-tone colour designs available. So, if you want something a little more unusual and unorthodox from your hi-vis workwear I suggest checking out some hi-vis two-tone shirts.
Hi-Vis Hats Another great suggestion for anyone looking to make their hi-vis work wardrobe a little more fashionable is to try hi-vis hats. A smart cap or beanie can create a more fashionable work look while also increasing your visibility even more! Since many people who wear hi-vis clothing as part of their work will be outdoors, a hat also gives you more protection for the cold and rain. Hi-vis hats come in many colours including the classic yellow and orange but also darker shades as well. The great things about hats are they lend themselves to hi-vis materials very well so to many people they will look just like normal, fashionable casual caps and hats. Hi-vis hats are another great unisex item both men and women can wear as well.
Other Ideas To Try When it comes to fashionable hi-vis workplace attire your options are a little limited although as you've already seen there are some pretty fashionable options available. So, you can wear hi-vis and still look fashionable and professional in the workplace. Some other great ideas to try are hi-vis jewellery, this isn't wildly available in shops but online shops like Etsy are great places to try. A smart hi-vis pendent or brooch can make great additions to workplace outfits. Going for darker colours like blues and blacks is also recommended because it offers something different from the more traditionally seen bright hi-vis colours. And if you know your way around a sewing machine you could also try customising some of your hi-vis outfits to make them a bit more fashionable! This is a featured post.


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