Wednesday, 5 December 2018

10 Must-Have Items on a Car Journey with the Kids

Travelling with kids is not easy, especially if they don’t enjoy sitting still for too long! If you are looking for some ways to ensure your next car journey goes more smoothly, we are here to help! We have created a list of 10 essential items to make your next car journey easier and more enjoyable, for both parents and children. 

1.     Car Seat Organiser
Car seat organisers which hang over the back of the front seats are perfect for keeping everything your child needs in the car neatly stored together. They have several pockets and different sized compartments which can be used to keep everything tidy, and ensure it is all within easy reach. Some of these organisers come with tablet holders, so your child can comfortably sit back and watch a movie without struggling to hold it.

2.     Tablet or DVD Player
As noted above, movies are a great way to keep children entertained on long car journeys. Try downloading a few of your child’s favourites before setting off. If you don’t want your child to use a tablet, portable DVD players are fairly inexpensive. They can also be used to play music CDs to keep kids entertained for even longer!

3.     Audio book CDs
If your child wants to relax during the journey, they might enjoy listening to some story CDs. Audiobooks can also be downloaded on a tablet if your car doesn’t have a CD player. Audio books are perfect for young children and toddlers as well as teenagers who will love listening to young adult fiction. Listening to stories makes the journey pass quicker for parents too!

4.     Puzzle Books
Older children will love to have a puzzle book to keep them entertained in the car. You could also try playing games such as spotting different road signs or registration plates, which are fun for all the family! For younger children, colouring books are ideal to keep boredom away when travelling for long periods.

5.     Blanket and Travel Pillow
For children who like to have a nap in the car, a blanket and a travel neck pillow can make sleeping more comfortable. You could bring their favourite blanket from home, or choose a special one to keep in the car, perhaps smaller than the kind they would use in bed.

6.     Spare Clothes and Extra Diapers
When travelling with young children, it is important to always bring more clothes and, if your child wears them, diapers than you think you will need. Keep these items near the top of your bag – you never know when your child will get sick, wet their pants or spill their juice!

7.     Reusable Water Bottles
It’s a good idea to carry a refillable water bottle when travelling, whether you are with the kids or not. This is a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of staying hydrated when compared to buying drinks at every stop along the road.

8.     Snack Containers
Children like to eat little and often, so keeping some of their favourite snacks handy will help prevent them becoming hungry and will keep them from getting bored for a while too. It’s helpful if you pack individual snacks in separate tubs so kids can easily find what they fancy. Tubs can also be used to store empty packets as well as unwanted and leftover food.

9.     Wet Wipes and Tissues
If you have young children, you probably know the importance of carrying wet wipes everywhere you go! We recommend keeping them at the top of your bag so they are readily available in case you have to do a big clean up job! It’s also useful to keep a towel or some kitchen paper in the car in case of bigger spillages.

10.  Clothing for all Weathers
If you are travelling a long distance, it’s reasonable to expect the weather might change considerably along the way. Be sure to keep sunscreen, a hat, a wind and rain-proof jacket as well as flip flops to save putting socks and shoes back on when getting out the car, if your child likes to be barefoot in the car.

Author Bio
Emily Dick is a writer and blogger who is currently growing her parenting site Whooopsadaisy. Here, she enjoys writing about a variety of topics ranging everywhere from stroller reviews to tips on finding the perfect gifts for children of all ages. Emily is a mom of one, three-year-old Daisy, who provides inspiration for the blog.


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