About me!

Motherhood. Fashion. Food. Rants.
In that order.

I am a working mum of two small boys two middle sized boys and one baby girl and have always wanted to be a writer. I am passionate about writing and never had any real material until I had children. This blog is about our journey through life as a family, and me trying to claw something back for myself in the crumbs of time I have left over from being a  mum. 

I also blog over at local area site www.bingleymums.com - for information for parents in the Bingley area of Yorkshire.

I have written a variety of articles for Britmums, NetFlights, HomeAway, Yahoo Network, The Times and also write a monthly guest blog for MoorMums.

I am also active on twitter so please come over to say hello, my twitter handle is @bargainmummy1. If you want to get in touch you can do so by emailing me at
bargainmummy (at) gmail (dot) com (everyone else does that instead of writing the proper email address, still have no idea why?!).

I am PR friendly and always open to discussing projects.


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